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Restatement Consultation

Compliance matters. Our team is here to help you and your plan meet regulatory demands. Cycle 3 (POST-PPA) introduces many new provisions, including a uniform naming convention; words like Master, Prototype, and Volume Submitter have all been eliminated and replaced with one term: "Pre-Approved Plan." 

Plan Document Restatements happen every 6 years. These Cycles are designed to roll in all legislative and regulatory updates into new pre-approved plan documents.

Our team is here to consult with you on the restatement and provide guidance should you wish to incorporate any modifications into your new plan documents. The consultation is included with our services and once complete your restated document suite will include the following components, as applicable:

  • Restatement Design Consultation
  • Base Plan Document
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Trust Document
  • Summary Plan Description (English & Spanish*)
  • Participant Plan Highlights (English & Spanish*)
  • Annual Notices (English & Spanish*)
  • Loan Policy*
  • QDRO Procedures

Restatement Timeline: What To Expect

Week 1 - One-On-One Plan Review + Design Consultation 
  • First, we will schedule at least one 45-minute Plan Review and Consultation meeting with you and your Uniglobal consultant. If more time is needed, not to worry! We want to ensure you and your plan are set up for success and are happy to schedule additional time, at no cost.
Weeks 1 and 2 - Service Order
  • Second, we will update your service agreement with us. This new Service Order will contain updated language to comply with new laws in our industry. For example, former terms that are included in your current agreement, such as "Volume Submitter" and/or "Prototype" are now outdated. Your new Service Order, like your new Plan documents, will be fully compliant.  
Weeks 3 and 4 - Plan Document Suite Draft + Delivery
  • Third, we will incorporate any modifications to your Plan made during the consultation into your restated POST-PPA Plan documents. Once finalized and drafted, we will send you the full document suite for your review and signatures. 
Weeks 4 through 12 - Signature Page Collection + Provider Updates
  • Finally, once all outstanding signature pages for your plan documents have been collected we will update your Record-Keeper (also called an Asset Provider) with any new features you've selected during the consultation that are now part of your new Plan documents. 
  • Depending upon the features selected during the consultation, new plan provisions may not take effect until the start of a new plan year. Our goal is to provide these updates well in advance of the effective dates to allow your Record-Keeper enough time to implement them into their systems. 


For more information about this restatement, check out our page: POST-PPA (Cycle 3) | Plan Document Restatement

*Loan Policy and Spanish documents are provided as applicable based on your Plan provisions.


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