The Post-PPA (Cycle 3) restatement period is here!
The Team here at Uniglobal has created this Restatement Resource page for you.
A collection of information, posts, and articles for Plan Sponsors, HR Managers, and Financial Advisors.
So you are better informed about our procedures and the options you have to restate your plan documents. 
Cycle 3 runs from August 1, 2020 through July 31, 2022.

Post-PPA Highlights

The Post-PPA Defined Contribution (DC) document release features at least 9 new plan documents to support our client's unique needs. The documents have been streamlined based on usage and functionality all while adhering to and incorporating within the required changes from the IRS.

For Cycle 3, the IRS eliminated the prototype and volume submitter naming conventions and will now offer Opinion Letters for Standardized and Non-Standardized plan documents only. Fear not! We have a strategy to ensure all plan features are retained when your plan is restated onto its new document.

There are many enhancements in the Post-PPA document suite: a revised compensation section, a separation of the safe harbor matching provisions from the employer matching provisions, and a complete overhaul to the automatic enrollment provisions.

Post-PPA Mandatory Document Restatement (Cycle 3) Resources

This is an Active page, as more information is released content will be updated.

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