Your trust in our company and our people means everything to us at Uniglobal. We respect your privacy and make every effort to source and implement the best protection and encryption possible to protect it.

At Uniglobal we believe that our clients are our future, it will be you and your employees that shape the path of tomorrow in this world. That is why our focus is direct and our purpose deliberate. We design the best retirement plans and provide the best services. Period.

Trust is earned. We aim to earn and keep your trust by informing you about our privacy policies. You are the future and we have a responsibility to secure it.


(Last Updated: Thursday, January 4, 2024)

Uniglobal Pension Planning, Inc. (“Uniglobal”) is committed to protecting your privacy. The following Privacy Statement discloses the information practices for Uniglobal Web sites; including what type of information we collect and track, how we use this information, and with whom the information is shared. This disclosure is to illustrate how we maintain your privacy.

Personal Information

Without disclosing any personal information, all visitors to any of Uniglobal’s sites have the ability to access and view the site’s Home page and some areas of the site. There are some areas that will require information be provided in order to gain access to those pages of the site. Gaining access to these pages will require the visitor to provide basic information that we will use to provide support and offer services, basic information includes an e-mail address.

There are areas of the site that will require provision of personal information. The information a visitor provides will be used to determine what services, products, or other resources Uniglobal has at its disposal to aid in the request(s) being submitted by said visitor. The information provided will be necessary to accurately determine if Uniglobal can be of value to either the visitor or the visitors business.

Names, phone numbers, email addresses, company information, such as demographics provided, zip codes, business addresses, EIN information, preferences, and requests, are some of the types of information that an area not subject to registration or sign-in may require be disclosed to successfully process a visitors inquiry or request.

Uses and Share Practices of Collected Information

Uniglobal uses the personal information collected to better operate and advance its Web sites and in connection with services or requests that may have been submitted on line by a visitors interactions with Uniglobal site’s.

Uniglobal also uses personal information to communicate with you. We may send you information about your retirement plan, upcoming important dates relative to your plan, welcome letters and mailings, billing statements and reminders, along with periodical optional newsletters.

Any information submitted online to Uniglobal in response to an advertised employment position on any Uniglobal Web sites or otherwise will be used throughout Uniglobal in efforts to appropriately place applicants. Resumes or inquiries submitted to Uniglobal will remain on file for future use, except where we are told by the party submitting the resume or inquiry not to retain the information for future considerations.

Uniglobal does not share any personal information, provided either through its Web sites or interactions off line, with any organizations or persons not previously authorized to access that information; this includes third party organizations for marketing of their products without your consent.

How Uniglobal Protects Your Information

Information collected as a result of visitor interaction with a Uniglobal Web site, such as information provided when generating a request, will be forwarded to Uniglobal Internal. Once collected, the information is securely stored and not subject to public view outside of the Uniglobal family of companies.

Information may be temporarily stored or hosted on external servers but ultimately forwarded to our internal servers. These external servers or hosting parties have entered into agreements with Uniglobal that require they observe our Privacy Policies and Statements.

When Uniglobal transmits highly sensitive information over the Internet we do so, and protect it, through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This website is secured; security in place is evident through our usage of SSL and, where applicable if not globally, using Extended Validation (EV) SSL. The address bar and certificates indicate our company name, Uniglobal Pension Planning, Inc., and validate SSL usage by the prefix https:// which may be displayed in green lettering depending upon your access point of the website.


For information regarding Site cookies and how Uniglobal may use them please visit our Cookie Policy page.

Privacy Statement Updates and Additional Information

Periodically, Uniglobal will revisit and update its Privacy Statement. Updates to our Privacy Statement are a result of changes in services or features that Uniglobal offers. When revisions to our Privacy Statement have been completed we will also modify the “Last Updated” date at the top of our Statement.

For additional information about Uniglobal Privacy practices or this Statement, please send an email directly to Support.