Book cover image of Sammy Davis Jr.: Me and My Shadow by Arthur Silber, Jr. is an amazing biography that chronicles Arthur Silber's close personal association with the great Sammy Davis.  For over 25 years, from 1950 to 1975, these two men shared success, joy, hardship, discrimination and more.  Stories never told, pictures never seen, Sammy Davis, Jr. Me and My Shadow is amazing.
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Image link of new book, Hepatitis C: A Do-It Yourself Guide for Health, by Lloyd Wright.  After contracting Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion in 1984, Lloyd Wright's life was sent spinning as doctors could not firgure what was wrong.  Finally, 15 years later, they did and he was told it was over, but it wasn't and he found a natural path to better health and now he helps people all over the world with homeopathic remedies.
Expert Click, a clearinghouse of experts from hundreds of disciplines, has a Internet news release service that allows members to generate weekly press releases over the one-year annuarl term.
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Visit our UniGlobal Media Group's You Tube Channel to see videos of all kinds; from travel documentaaries, health, TV interviews, concerts, classical music, radio shows edited into videos, pets, children, etc.  UniGlobal Media Group is a full service PR company with Internet resources along with ties to traditional media outlets.  UniGlobal represents travel companies, such as AmaWaterways, the premier river cruise line in the travel industry, Frosch Classic Cruise and Travel, a major travel agency, and a host of authors and experts from across the spectrum of disciplines.
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Lloyd Wright was interviewed by Brad Butler about his book and the result
is 24 short videos, edited by
UniGlobal Media, with various images to
highlight the conversation, about health supplements from
medicine Solutions
.  From NatCells, Aloe Vera, Milk Thistle and onto foods
such as Yogurt, Spinach and Artichokes,  A long-term survivor of this Hep
Lloyd Wright can personally attest to the positive effects of the
strategies discussed his book.
 Click Here to see the video series.   
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Image link book cover for Vassula Ryden's Heaven is Real, But So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What is to Come, released nationally on March 13, 2013 and basically the a spiritual autobiography of a speical woman who has been getting messages, education, warnings, visions and propheices from God for over 25 years.
Click Here to see four William
Sewell interviews on CCTV about
the NSA leak scandal, domestic
surveillance, nature of working in
the intelligence world and more.  
Vassula Ryden's Heaven is Real, But So
Is Hell
Book Radio Show Videos (edited by
UniGlobal Media), TV Interviews, True Life in
God Video, Testimonials and Podcast Radio
Show Series, audio files edtied by UniGlobal.
Radio Show Videos, Podcasts and PR Videos
created and edited by UniGlobal Media Group
Lloyd Wright Hepatitis C: A Do It Yourself  
Guide for Health
Video Interview Series
Book cover image link of William Sewell's first spy novel, NonOfficial Asset: The Iran Affair, the first in the Peyton Stone series of NonOfficial Asset spy thrillers.
Edited videos of William Sewell, author of NonOfficial Asset:
The Iran Affair
, being interviewed on China Central TV's
Biz Asia America News, about the Snowden NSA leak story,
domestic surveillance, the Bradley Manning case and more.  
Travel Experts Elizabeth Harryman & Paul Lasley
Veteran Travel Journalist, Co-Hosts of syndicated On Travel
Radio Show and regular contributors to China Central TV's
Biz Asia America and media outlets around the country.  
Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harryman, co-hosts
of the On Travel Radio show, are doing radio
and TV  shows around the country offering
timely travel advice.  Elizabeth is also editor
and writer for AAA Auto Club';s
magazine.   They have industry news, trends in
travel, hot deals and destinations and more.   
Podcast Radio Show Series on AmaWaterways River Cruising, Health, Serial
Killers, Show Biz, Success, Overcoming Adversity, Mental Health & Music
UniGlobal Media Group
Creating unique Internet content to promote books, products, events or expertise
is something UniGlobal Media founder Brad Butler has done for years.  Starting
by editing with radio shows about travel into Radio Show Videos, UniGlobal
branched by not only taking multiple radio shows from one client into videos but
also taking TV interviews and dressing them up with images and video clips to
highlight the conversation.    

Scroll down to preview various Radio Show Videos with Vassula Ryden, author of
Heaven is Real But So Is Hell, the Shoemaker Brothers Band,  edited sit down
interviews with Lloyd Wright and TV news appearances enhanced with images
about Williams Sewell's Non-Official Asset Series of spy novels.  
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Album cover image link of Shoemaker Brothers second album, On The Road, which essentially came about from experiences from touring around the country playing different venues everywhere.  The Shoemaker Brothers are now based in Southern Califiornia and have become an extremely popular band because their sounds and concerts are very unique, entertaining and powerful.
Shoemaker Brothers Radio Show Interview
Videos, Music Videos, Podcasts and Songs
Interviews arranged
and video edited by
UniGlobal Media
With the smart phone and table revolution in full swing, the value of audio podcasts for
distributing information has increased tremendously.  New audio sharing websites, such as
Sound Cloud, are expanding the reach of podcasts with mobile applications which give people
the flexibility to listen on the go or while relaxing.  Through Sound Cloud one can follow a
person, show or organization and get notified when new podcasts are posted.  UniGlobal
Media has created podcast libraries covering a wide-range of interesting topics as the links
below indcate.  The first two links go to multiple page playlist websites while the other are just
single page playlists from the UniGlobal Media Group Sound Cloud Channel.  
The Man Who Knows More About
Sammy Davis, Jr. than Anyone Else
Arthur Silber, Jr., author of Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me
and My Shadow
, interviewed UniGlobal Media's
Brad Butler
about his best friend and business
partner and entertainment icon, Sammy Davis, Jr.
Know Your Rights Radio Show, co-hosted by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein's and Vaccine Right
Attorney Alan Phillips, now has 185 podcasts on their Sound Cloud Channel with around
20,000 plays and 1,000 downloads.  Each one-hour show is cleaned up in the editing
process and then broken down, no full shows uploaded, into dynamic and short podcasts
that highlight health care issues of all kinds.  Callers add to the mix along with informative
guests ranging for activists to researchers, medical doctors to politicians.    
Image book cover link to Dr. Mayer Eisenstein's newest edtion of his best selling book, Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate.  Dr. Mayer Eisenstein has been a longtime opponent of vaccines and this image is part of his radio show podcast series from UniGlobal Media Group,
Album cover image link of Shoemaker Brothers second album, On The Road, which essentially came about from experiences from touring around the country playing different venues everywhere.  The Shoemaker Brothers are now based in Southern Califiornia and have become an extremely popular band because their sounds and concerts are very unique, entertaining and powerful.
Nate Shoemaker of the Shoemaker
Brothers Band talks on James
Lowe's Jiggy Jiguar Radio Show
about how the band was formed
David Rohlander, author of The CEO
, talks with James Lowe on the
Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show about
Courageous and Creative Decision
.  See the link to his podcast
series at the top of the page.  
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on five Sound Cloud Channels
Radio shows are edited to eliminate any
imperfections and clean up the language and
broken down into in to subject based, targeted
Podcasts between 3 to 10 minutes long.  This
allows listeners to pick and chose between
topics and possibly listen to a whole Playlists
put together based on subject, category, radio
show or guests.  Also check the Sound Coud
Mobile Application for smart phones & tablets.
Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., author of Without Remorse: The
Story of the Woman Who Kept Los Angeles' Serial
Killers Alive,
is interviewed on the Greg Mantell
Show about her book and spending years trying to
keep some of the worst serial killers from killing
themselves in Los Angeles Men's Central Jail.