The options available when partnering with Uniglobal are virtually endless


Uniglobal offers a wide range of retirement plan solutions and services for both corporations and non-profits.

Program Design & Conceptualization

The master plan. Look. Structure. Features and Benefits.

Financial Administration

Comprehensive reconciliation of plan and participant assets down to the penny; anything less is just...less.

IRS & DOL Compliance

Qualified plans must remain compliant to keep their tax-deferred status.

Valuation and Government Filings

The finale. Full reporting and Form preparation services for every retirement plan client.

Plan Operations

Support for when those "How do we..." questions come up.

Dedicated Support

A single point of contact for all your plan needs.

Bright Ideas and Solid Facts

If you add automatic features into your plan, participation rates almost double.


Offering an Employer Match is more often that not a deciding factor for individuals looking at a career shift.


46% of American's are unable to cover a $400 emergency expense with their savings - 46%! A 401(k) may be their only way to survive after employment.


Employers who think they cannot contribute to their own 401(k) plan should think again, it's called Safe Harbor, give a shout and we'll show you how it all works.