Our Document Maintenance Program is built for Plan Compliance

Program Highlights

Our Document Maintenance Program (DocMPSM) with CCI Data Storage & Security is a combined service designed to streamline your plan compliance experience and secure data. Enrolled Plans will enjoy the following combined Services for a small additional fee of $125/quarter.

Document Maintenance Program (DocMPSM)
1 Optional Non-Merger Discretionary Plan Amendment per Year
  • Design Consultation Included
  • Great for custom updates such as adding Roth Deferrals.
  • Savings: $2,000+ (1 per year over 6 years provided)

All Required Plan Amendments

  • Interim Amendments as they're called are mandatory and are required in order to update the base plan document language to comply with legislative and regulatory updates in between restatement periods or "cycles."
  • Savings: $1,675+ (4-6 estimated over a 6-year period; there are at least 3 for the Post-PPA Cycle 3)

All Mandatory Document Restatements

  • Whether a Defined Contribution Plan, 403(b) or 401(k) for instance, or a Defined Benefit Plan, such as a Cash Balance Plan, Document Restatements are required every 5 to 6 years. This restatement is a massive overhaul of your plan document's base language.
  • Included Services and components of a new restated Document Suite
  • Restatement Design Consultation
  • Base Plan Document
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Trust Document
  • Summary Plan Description (English)
  • Summary Plan Description (Spanish)
  • Participant Plan Highlights (English)
  • Participant Plan Highlights (Spanish)
  • Annual Notices (English & Spanish)
  • Loan Policy
  • QDRO Procedures
  • Savings: $2,995+ (1 full restatement per Cycle)

Program Cost: $105/quarter

Program Savings: Over the 6-year cycle period the estimated savings are in excess of $4,000.

Client Confidential Information (“CCI”) Data Storage and Security

For enrolled plans with Document Maintenance Uniglobal will also include our CCI Data Storage and Security service at a reduced rate. This required expense is to cover, in part, the reasonable efforts by Uniglobal to keep and protect Client Confidential Information.

Electronic Storage & Backup: Physical and Virtual

  • Electronic storage space allotted per Client and Plan for data storage is 2.25GB*.
  • Redundant secure backups of data are performed no less than twice daily.
  • Off-site archival services are included for physical media.

Security: Portal, Email, File Transfer, and Messaging

  • Advanced data leak prevention and autonomous policy application across our platforms work towards keeping confidential information secure.
  • Every Client and Plan will be provided a secure messaging infrastructure with file storage and transfer capabilities via secure inboxes.
  • Uniglobal provides secure portals to all Clients and Plans for easy access to encrypted plan information.

Program Cost: $60/quarter if not enrolled in Document Maintenance, otherwise $20/quarter. 

*Larger Plans may exceed the storage limit, additional storage is provided for $50/GB/year in GB increments.


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