This Fee Disclosure (or “Compensation Disclosure”) incorporates by reference Terms and Service Order between Client, Plan, and Uniglobal, including any schedule, addendum, appendix, and/or amendment.


In addition to the compensation disclosed in Terms and Service Order to Client and Plan, Uniglobal may also receive payments from a program established by Vanguard for Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) which reflects the relationship Uniglobal has with Vanguard in providing services to our clients and their plans. This enables Uniglobal to provide Vanguard with input regarding its products and services and in return for Vanguard to provide Uniglobal with detailed information about their products and related services. Uniglobal may receive payments from Vanguard which are intended to assist Uniglobal in the design, set-up and on-going administration of Vanguard contracts.

These payments are separate from commission payments and may be made from the general assets of Vanguard, not from the assets of your plan. The amount of these payments may be based on the assets in Vanguard contracts held by all plans for which services are provided, and may be increased as a result of the assets in your plan that are invested with Vanguard. The pro-rated portion of any payment will be reported on the annual Form 5500 filing.

Uniglobal may use these payments to offset the plan’s annual administrative charges. If Vanguard does not provide a sufficient payment to Uniglobal to cover your plan’s administrative costs, your administrative fees may be adjusted and billed to you accordingly.

Direct Compensation

Please refer to the Service Order for fees that are considered Direct Compensation such as Administration and Compliance Service Fees, Loan Processing & Origination Fees, Participant Distribution Fees, and QDRO Review Fees. All Direct Compensation paid by the Plan and/or Client is disclosed in Terms, Service Order, and/or any addendum, attachment, schedule, exhibit, appendix, or amendment, as applicable, including this Compensation Disclosure, and together with fee related materials from other parties including Other Service Provider Compensation Disclosures constitute Uniglobal’s compliance with this disclosure law.