This Fee Disclosure (or “Compensation Disclosure”) incorporates by reference Terms and Service Order between Client, Plan, and Uniglobal, including any schedule, addendum, appendix, and/or amendment.


In addition to the compensation disclosed in Terms and Service Order to Client and Plan, Uniglobal may also receive payments from its Affiliate Triton Services Corporation (“Triton”). Triton may receive “service fee income” payments from Nationwide Trust Company, FSB (“Nationwide”). From this service fee income Triton may make payments to Uniglobal for services performed in connection with the Plan. Uniglobal does not have sufficient information to disclose, in advance, the exact amount of service fee income it will receive from Triton. However, the amounts received by Uniglobal will be disclosed on the Plan’s Form 5500 for the Plan Year in which such payments are made, if any.

Service Fee Income

Triton may be paid service fee income by Nationwide for services provided both to the Plan, on behalf of Nationwide, as well as for services to Nationwide in connection with the services provided to the Plan. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Reconciliation of assets on takeover plans;
  • Reconciliation of loans on takeover plans;
  • Coordinating data for set-up of new and takeover plans;
  • Setting up administrative systems for new and takeover plans;
  • Managing existing Nationwide plans for retention; and
  • Using Nationwide electronic interfaces.

If Service fee income is paid from the Asset Management Charge (“AMC”), Administrative Service Fee (“ASF”), or Asset Based Deduct & Forward (“ABD&F”) Fee, as applicable to your Plan and as previously disclosed in the Nationwide Trust Company, FSB Program Agreement. Triton will receive the percentage stated in the Disclosure Statement – typically ranging from 0.05% to 0.33% of assets. Uniglobal may receive payments from Triton on a monthly basis as a result of services performed that support Triton and Nationwide in the administration of the Plan. Uniglobal may use a modified fee schedule in connection with its Nationwide clients.

Direct Compensation

Please refer to the Service Order for fees that are considered Direct Compensation such as Administration and Compliance Service Fees, Loan Processing & Origination Fees, Participant Distribution Fees, and QDRO Review Fees. All Direct Compensation paid by the Plan and/or Client is disclosed in Terms, Service Order, and/or any addendum, attachment, schedule, exhibit, appendix, or amendment, as applicable, including this Compensation Disclosure, and together with fee related materials from other parties including Other Service Provider Compensation Disclosures constitute Uniglobal’s compliance with this disclosure law.